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Parota - Ladder Back Chair - Dark Brown

Parota - Ladder Back Chair - Dark Brown

Excluding Sales Tax
Chair w/ Solid wood - Faux Leather Seat

Product Features
  • Built with Parota wood on tops and Mango wood on the rest of the case piece. The Parota tree is appreciated for its longevity and vibrant dark golden grain. This type of wood has a natural two-tone that offers unique characterin its variations of tone and depth.
  • Clear lacquer coating allows the natural character and beauty of the wood grain show through.
  • Our produc t has been built using the time honored tradition of Mortise and Tenon Case Construction. This durable construction guarantees to give you years of worry free use
  • We use only the finest quality, hand picked lumber and metals to give each piece its own individual charm and character
  • Solid hardwood
  • English Dovetail and Mortise and Tenon Case Construction

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