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Choosing the right leather for your needs and lifestyle is one of the most important steps in purchasing the right leather furniture.

Fully Treated> Pigmented and Protected Leather

  • Top grain or full grain leather that has been aniline dyed then pigment dyed for maximum durability

  • Most durable to stains, scratches, and body oils

  • Most family and pet friendly

  • Highest wearability

  • Large selection of color and leather grain patterns

  • Most consistent in color and grain

Semi-Treated> Waxed, Semi-Aniline, & Distressed Leather

  • Top grain or full grain leather that has been aniline dyed then waxed, oiled, or other process to give distressing and unique look

  • Medium durability to stains and body oils

  • Designed to distress and age with character

  • Colors generally warm tones

  • Grain pattern and color natural and most varied

Joshua Brett

A Family Legacy  Built on Quality, Trust, and Value.

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Leather Learning


Brett’s Furniture Academy:

Say Goodbye to Buyer’s Regret, Hello to Quality

Brett's pro tips to make sure the furniture you choose stays in the living roo and not the landfill.

Subscribers will receive a rich blend of practical advice and design wisdom, empowering them to make informed choices not only based on quality and durability but also on style and aesthetics. This comprehensive approach will enable them to select leather furniture that is both a delight to use and a reflection of their design sensibilities. 

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  1. In-Depth Leather Types Analysis: Explore different leather types like luxurious full-grain, versatile top-grain, and more. Learn about their characteristics, benefits, and which type suits your style and functional needs.

  2. Frame Quality and Trends: Understand the importance of a sturdy hardwood frame and learn about contemporary and classic frame designs that could transform your space.

  3. Joinery Techniques and Design Integration: Discover the best joinery techniques that ensure durability and how they integrate into various furniture styles, from modern to traditional.

  4. Cushion Quality and Style Impact: Delve into cushion types and how they affect both comfort and the overall look of the furniture. Learn to choose cushions that complement your design theme.

  5. Leather Finish, Color, and Aesthetics: Master the art of selecting the right leather finish and color for your decor. Understand how different finishes can dramatically alter the style and ambiance of a room.

  6. Stitching Standards and Design Details: Explore how stitching can be both a mark of quality and a design feature, enhancing the style and elegance of your furniture.

  7. Comfort, Support, and Design Harmony: Get tips on choosing furniture that not only feels great but also aligns perfectly with your interior design goals.

  8. Maintenance Advice for Lasting Beauty: Learn how to care for leather to maintain its beauty and how proper maintenance can enhance your decor's aesthetic.

  9. Warranty Wisdom and Design Assurance: Decode what warranties can tell you about quality and how this relates to the longevity and enduring style of your furniture.

  10. Price-Quality Balance and Design Considerations: Balance your budget with quality choices that meet your design aspirations, ensuring your investment is both practical and stylistically rewarding.

  11. Design and Style Education: Dive into the world of interior design, learning how to pair different leather furniture styles with your existing decor. Discover the latest trends, timeless classics, and how to create a cohesive look that reflects your personal style.


Full Aniline> Natural, Untreated Leather

  • Full grain leather that has been aniline dyed and has no other dye, pigment, wax, or oil added

  • Softest and most luxurious

  • Less durability to stains and body oils

  • Designed to patina over time and gain characted

  • Colors generally warm tones

  • Grain pattern and color natural and somewhat varied

Hand Crafted
Designer Leather
Hand Stitched

Hand Crafted leathers are the most unique and this furniture will be one of a kind.
Often additional dye and hand rubbing will be applied after the leather is upholstered onto the furniture

Often used as accent or insert leathers. Gives your furniture a unique style. 

Hand stitched by artisans in love with the traditions, heritage, tools and artistry of a craft that goes back centuries.

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